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From the heart

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Writing challenge to write something from the heart. Here’s my effort. I took it quite literally.

I listen to the whispers in my heart,
And it asks me to thank you for giving a jump start –
To an organ which has been so very underused,
And wondering what it’s job was, it has long been confused.
It says thank you for giving it a reason to beat,
It tells me you are beautiful and funny and sweet.
I tell it I know and we’re in this together,
And if we don’t mess things up, we’ll be yours forever.
My heart is complex and it’s big and it’s wary,
It’s long hid away because things have been scary.
But now it’s beats strong, it’s shouting out loud,
It’s raising it’s voice because it is proud.
It wants the world to know that it has a new owner,
He has a new friend, he’s no longer a loner.
It lives within me, it’s a definite Cresswell,
It beats away strongly and is as loud as a bell.
I’m sure it can be heard by people around,
I’m conscious it’s making a melodic sound.
As if showing off it’s honour to be paired with you,
A feeling that has been long overdue.
It pirouettes inside me, and I feel it dance,
It wants to beat for you only and show you romance.
Look after my heart, it’s my own little treasure,
And we’ll love you forever, and that is our pleasure.
My heart is the biggest gift I can possibly give,
And it’s yours to keep as long as I live.
I won’t ask for it back, you do understand?
It’s sits happily in the palm of your hand.

2014 in review

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy New Year

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Another Christmas celebration is over, the turkey’s almost gone,

New Year is nearly upon us, so come on, bring it on!

I’m ready for a party after a few days of partial rest,

And I’m filled up on left over mince pies and the everlasting turkey breast.

Nearly time to get the glad rags on and head out to paint the town red,

I apologise to my body in advance and give a ‘warning’ to my own head.

It’s gonna be a dance fest, and it’s gonna be a boozy one,

The Sambuca will be flowing, and of course a Jaeger bomb (Or two!)

I’ve seen plenty of my friends this Christmas, more than I’ve done for a while,

Some special persons or person who have really made me smile.

Thanks to special people with whom I’ve spent quality time,

I don’t like to mention individuals when I blog stories, facts or rhyme.

But you know exactly who you are, you know I’m talking about you,

I think you are fantastic, and you know that part is true.

(Because I say so)

So in a day and a half, it will be twenty fifteen,

A time to resolve yourselves of sins like swearing, cigs or caffeine.

A brand new year, with brand new hopes, and brand new goals to set,

But by the mid to end of January, you’ll be back to square one, I bet.

I’ll resolve to be less grumpy and more tolerant of my kith and kin,

And just to enjoy living and cherish what I have within.

I have a lot of love to give and want to let it out,

In my free time I want to write more and just to mess about!

I’m happy with the start of next year; I have a job I enjoy,

I’ll soon sort out my finances and set up a home for me and my boy.

So come on 2015, give me all you’ve got,

It’s my year to reinvent myself, to improve myself a lot.

I’ll take the bull by the horns for some things, but other things I wont rush,

I hope I achieve what I desire, some things need a lot – others a gentle push.

Happy New Year

Seven Deadly Sins

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Another one to re blog – just because I can


The seven deadly sins

When we talk about them, what do they bring to mind?

Dark deeds? Dark characters? Yes. – Sinister motives.

They lead us on a merry (or not so merry – totally wrong word)

Dance… a trot… a walk… a sinister walk to crazy town.

They do drive us crazy and there is no return.








Ask yourself, which of these have been felt by you?

If I’m honest, five, which leaves me two…

Two… Only two… Does that make me bad?

Or looking again it might be one…. One deadly sin I’ve never had.

Or does that make me human, full of emotion and feelings, cravings and urges,

Those unbelievable notions and sudden surges.

That put these capital vices in our heads,

And make us toss and turn at night in our beds.

Wrath, yeah, I’ve been angry and…

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I’ve reblogged this from June because I like it 🙂


ImageA foreword before you read this blog entry – A really bizarre request from ‘writing 101’ today. We were asked to contrast two ‘things.’ I chose Questions and Answers… (Don’t ask me why). There was a twist. To write the post in the form of dialogue. So… Here it goes. Tonight we have a big dispute on our hands, ladies and gentlemen. You join us here on the blog of Stephen Cresswell, where Question will take on Answer in a battle of wits and power. Two contrasting foes. Who will win? Seconds out – Fight. “I’m a question, and I have a fantastic punctuation mark after me.” “Well, whoopee for you. I’m an answer, and I’m not limited to one!” Both competitors with an excellent opening argument there. “Everyone can ask a question. Not everyone can give an answer.” Question circled his rival with an evil look in his eye…

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I had a great day on Friday. Off work and enjoying the day to myself with my laptop and my imagination. I have spent a lot of time in recent weeks planning the sequence and layout for my next novel.

But now it was time to get into the act of writing again. Something I’ve not really spent a good chunk of time to of late, and do you know what? I loved it. I was on such a high afterwards. Just allowing my creative juices to flow on my laptop screen was the perfect tonic. I love writing about my protagonist, my villain, my hero – Jason Taylor – all one and the same person. He is the lead in my trilogy of books. He’s one heck of a character. He is a villain. He does bad things, but I can’t help liking him. My mind is free to run away to an imaginary world where I can play with a sinister world. But I can also get my voice on a page and use humour to draw you to him – well that’s what I think I do! I also enjoy writing about my lead female too. Turning a shrinking violet from my first novel into an entirely different character, full of menace and subterfuge is a challenge and fun.

I’m currently working in a school whereby I am trying to do two things:

1) motivate some lower level writers to write. Period! Trying to get them to love the art of writing. It’s hard when you’re only 10 and 11 to enjoy writing because in school it’s forced on them. It’s something they have to do. And if they haven’t got the creativity or the skills, it can be a frustrating process.

2) nurture some very good level 5 writers into the realms of Level 6 with consistency. This is challenging. More so that the other task since the group in question can clearly write – and write well. I have to push them to bigger and better things. I hope I can do that for them by influencing them with my passion and by giving them the necessary skills.

Writing is a habit – a good habit to get into and a hard habit to break once you are in it. I remember when I first opened my blog, and I wrote every day! That was an impossible routine to maintain, and my blog has been an infrequent past time of mine in the last couple of months, but I enjoy posting on it. I enjoy writing about day-to-day experiences and emotions, and I enjoy the influences of my muses in my work.  I hope to influence the children I work with the enjoy writing.

If someone came into my primary school when I was 11 and started parping on about writing, I’m unsure if I would’ve been stimulated to do so. So I cannot expect the children in my class to jump on the bandwagon suddenly! But I’ll enjoy trying.

Happiness is…

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Simple this…

Happiness is seeing my son smile and laugh… Great… Knowing I have made him laugh is priceless.

I love my boy.

Be happy, Ben. xx